How to bid

How to Submit your bids.
Salvage Salvage works on a blind bidding system.
Place your bid on this vehicle and if you are the highest bidder at the closing time you are awarded this vehicle.

Edmonton Salvage Disposal


Calgary Salvage Disposal

Online Bidding Instructions

“My Bids” -Filling your Shopping Cart:

To submit online bids you must be a Registered Member with an Active Membership Number. If you are unsure if you have an Active Membership number email Tracy at:


-Log into the


-Place mouse over the “Auction” tab on the blue navigation bar & click the desired location. (ESD-Edmonton Salvage Disposal / CSD-Calgary Salvage Disposal) The current inventory will then be displayed.


-Locate desired lot number & click on the image.


-Enter the bid amount in the first box named “Bid Amount”.


-Enter your buyer number/s into the additional designated fields.


-Click the blue “Add Bid” button one time. (“Add Bid” button located just below or beside the last buyer number field.) You have now added this item to your “My Bid” box (shopping cart.) Add as many bids to your “My Bids” box as you wish but remember you must still submit the bids to us. Only you can see the items in your “My Bids” box.


Bid Submission-Sending in your bids:


-Once you are finished adding bids to your “My Bids” box & are ready to submit your bids, scroll up to the largest image of the vehicle you just bid on & look to the left for your “My Bids” box.


-Click the “Submit Bids” box within the “My Bids” section.


       -Step 1: Ensure all information including Lot Number, Bid Amount & QTY -1 are all correct. Then click the orange “Continue Order” box in the bottom right corner.  


      -Step 2: Ensure that all contact information is filled out & correct. Please disregard the “Payment Method” selection. Then click the orange “Continue Order” box in the bottom right corner.


      -Step 3: This is a summery of the previous 2 steps. To complete the submission process, you must click the orange “Complete Order” box in the bottom right corner.



      -A “Thank You” message will appear & at this time the system will submit your bids to us & will also send you a bid confirmation via email. We recommend that you verify receipt of your bid confirmation. If you do not receive the bid confirmation message within 25 minutes, check your “junk mail”. Please contact Tracy @ Edmonton Salvage Disposal 780-447-1595 if you do not receive your bid confirmation.



Click Here for a printable pdf. copy of the bidding instructions .