She Really Gets Around


Three men died and were standing at The Pearly Gates.

St. Peter said, “I am going to give you each a vehicle to get you around in heaven. What means of transport I give you will depend on how faithful you were to your spouse on Earth.”

He asked the first guy about how faithful he had been. He replied, “I was a great husband. Always faithful. Never thought of another woman.” St. Peter gave him a Mercedes.

St. Pete asked the second guy. “Well, I was a pretty good husband, but there was this one office Christmas party where a woman and I drank too much and....” So St. Peter gave him a Toyota.

He then asked the third guy. “I was a terrible husband. Every office party and business trip I was hooking up with women. It happened over and over.” St. Peter gave him a scooter and then sent them all on their way.

The last guy was driving his scooter around and looked over to the side of the road at one point. He saw the man who had been given the Mercedes, who was now sitting on the curb crying.

The scooter guy stopped and asked him what was wrong. He replied through his sobs, “I was driving around enjoying my fine car. It was great. But when I stopped for a red light and watched the pedestrians cross in front of me, I noticed that one of them was my wife...and she was wearing roller-blades!”




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